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Environmental networks & awards

In line with environmental improvements, Evergreen Line works in cooperation with different projects and networks as a step towards a market demand on clean ships and quality ship operators. Some of the projects and networks are the Pacific Greenhouse Gases Measurement Project, the World Shipping Council, the Clean Cargo Working Group, and the Environmental Ship Index.

Participating in a project that enables scientists to learn more about climate change

Evergreen Line is committed to play its part in the battle against global warming. Since 2008, Evergreen Line has been participating in the Pacific Greenhouse Gases Measurement Project, in cooperation with Cambridge University in the UK and the National Central University in Taiwan. The goal of the project is to establish a high-resolution observation of greenhouse gases such as ozone, water vapour and carbon dioxide.

The project collects emission data from satellites, commercial aircraft – and with Evergreen Line’s participation – from nine S-type and P-type container vessels between Europe and Asia and Asia to Australia. This enables scientists to monitor the distribution of greenhouse gases over oceans in three dimensions and conduct research about the global warming and climate change. The project is one of the key contributions by Taiwan in the study of global warming and climate change, and also a statement from Evergreen Line showing its commitment to take a leadership role in this matter.

Member of the World Shipping Council

Evergreen Line is a member of the World Shipping Council. The aim of the council is to provide a coordinated voice for the liner shipping industry in its work with policymakers and other industry groups within international transportation. The member companies collaborate together with governments and other stakeholders to find suitable solutions for some of the world’s most challenging transportation problems including environmental matters. The council works to promote a sound environmental management through new international standards for ships and achievement of reduced air emissions such as carbon dioxide.

Member of the Clean Cargo Working Group

Evergreen Line is a member of the Clean Cargo Working Group. The group is a global business-to-business initiative started by leading cargo carriers and their customers, dedicated to environmental performance improvements in marine container transports through measurement, evaluation, and reporting. The group consists of 28 leading shippers and carriers that work together to promote sustainable development in global cargo transport. The group’s tools represent the industry standard for measuring and reporting ocean carriers’ environmental performance on carbon dioxide, sulphur oxides, and nitrogen oxides emissions.

Part of the Environmental Ship Index

Evergreen Line is part of the Environmental Ship Index and has a number of vessels reported into the system in order to improve its environmental performance. The index identifies seagoing ships that perform better in reducing air emissions than required by the current emission standards of the International Maritime Organization. The index evaluates the amount of nitrogen oxide and sulphur oxide that is released by ships and includes a reporting scheme on greenhouse gas emissions. It provides a good indication of the environmental performance of seagoing vessels and identifies cleaner ships. Visit the Environmental Ship Index website to view the score of Evergreen Line’s vessels.

Evergreen Line has won several environmental awards

Over the years, Evergreen Line has been awarded several times for its work to incorporate sustainable development and environmental technology in its operations. One of them is Lloyd’s List’s Environmental Award. This award is presented every year to reward outstanding performance and service innovation in the maritime industry. Evergreen Line was the top choice out of five shipping companies in the competition. Davis Lian, President of Evergreen Shipping Agency, welcomed the award saying “It is a great credit to the company. This award recognises our commitment to bring the highest quality of service to our customers while preserving the global ecosystems. Striking a balance between providing transport services and being environmentally sensitive is not easy. But Evergreen Line’s strong sense of social responsibility ensures that the company will consider every possible way of minimising its global footprint.”

Evergreen Line has also been awarded by the Taiwan Society for its L-type eco-friendly ship, Ever Living. The ship was appointed Ship of the Year. It has the capacity of more than 8.500 standard 20-foot containers. It features the optimised hull form design and the structure presents the first use of higher tensile steel. Achieving the same structural strength with a lesser weight of steel reduces energy consumption and carbon emissions.  Evergreen Line has also been named the Best Shipping Line – Intra-Asia. The reward was handed out at the Asian Freight & Supply Chain Awards, hosted by the shipping industry media Cargonews Asia in Shanghai.

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