Shipping Tools

Handle your shipping-related procedures easily online with our smart shipping tools.

We understand that using advanced technology to provide information, is key to meeting our customers’ needs. We know time is an important factor for you. Having direct access to all the necessary information about your shipment, simplifies your administrative procedures and saves you valuable time.

Here you find information about our services for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and E-invoicing, what advantages they bring to your business table, and how to apply for the services. You also find useful information about all Evergreen Line’s E-commerce shipping tools including shipment overview, online booking, shipping instructions, cargo tracking, event notifications, and tracking reports. Find out how to register for the services or login directly. With our Cargo Tracking tool, you can keep track of your cargo from start to final destination.

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Container Shipping Knowledge Center

Whether you are our customer or just interested in container shipping, this is your place. Consider it a forum for exchanging knowledge and experiences – a chance for you to learn new things, join the conversations and share what is on your mind.