We carry a green ambition

The Taiwanese Miracle - one of the world’s leading container shipping lines.

Evergreen Line is not called The Taiwanese Miracle for nothing – it is one of the world’s leading container shipping lines whose services link you with destinations worldwide. This great miracle first saw the day of light in 1968, when Dr. Yung-fa Chang purchased his first ship and Evergreen Marine Corporation came into existence. Some 50 years later, Evergreen Group has become a multi-billion dollar global business embracing shipping, aviation and the leisure industries.

The green containers represent a sustainable and fast-growing shipping company

Today, Evergreen Line is a well-known global brand. The distinctive green containers are an ever-present reminder of the power of the sustainable and fast-growing shipping company. Along with customer satisfaction, the environment is always on Evergreen Line’s agenda. Dr. Yung-fa Chang once said “We will not wait for legislation to be introduced. We will always use the latest technology to minimise the impact of container shipping operations on the marine life, seaport communities and humanity worldwide”. These words became the vision of Evergreen Line and have been the company’s road map ever since.

Providing comprehensive links between North America, Asia and Europe

Evergreen Line has long provided comprehensive links between North America, Asia and Europe. Two important milestones in the company’s history were the introduction of the non-conference service between Asia and Europe in 1979, and the pioneering Round-the- World concept in 1984. Over the years, Evergreen Line has progressively embraced more and more of the globe and the service network has gradually increased. Today, it is ranked as the top five leading shipping companies in the world with services in Asia, the Indian subcontinent, the Middle East, the Mediterranean, Intra-Europe and North America as well as East, West and North Africa.

A global reach with direct connections to the world’s most important ports

Evergreen Line calls the world’s most important ports directly. A comprehensive feeder networks extend Evergreen Line’s reach into hundreds of minor ports around the world.

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