About Greencarrier Liner Agency

The secure link between your goods and its final destination

A close-up of a thick, twisted rope in muted beige tones, giving a sense of strength and durability. The texture of the rope is prominently displayed, with individual strands visibly interwoven. The background is out of focus, but one can discern what appears to be a weathered, rough surface, possibly metal, suggesting a maritime or industrial setting. The detailed focus on the rope highlights its robust structure and the essential role it plays in securing heavy objects, likely in a shipping or nautical context.

About us

Part of the Greencarrier Group

Greencarrier Liner Agency is part of the Greencarrier Group, a privately owned sea freight and logistics company. The group started its logistics ventures in Sweden in 2000. Today, it encompasses seven entities, with 270 employees and operations in 13 countries.

Beyond providing world-class logistics services Greencarrier also has an overarching and more long-term goal. Our vision is to create a sustainable tomorrow. We constantly consider the long-term perspective and work continuously for a more sustainable future; a future that we create by taking action here and now. By 2027, we will be one of the most sustainable logistics options on the market.

Evergreen line

Agent for Evergreen Line

Greencarrier Liner Agency is the agent for Evergreen Line, one of the world’s leading container shipping lines whose services link you with destinations worldwide. Together, we have created a well-deserved reputation in the Nordic region as well as achieved long-term customer relationships.

Evergreen Line is part of the Taiwan-based Evergreen Group formed by Dr. Y.F. Chang in 1968. By 1985 the company had become the world’s largest container ship operator. Since then the Evergreen Group has expanded and diversed its business interests, now also including land and air transportation operations as well as an international chain of hotels.

A large, green container ship named "EVERGREEN" is seen from a front-side angle as it navigates through the ocean. The ship's hull is loaded with rows of green containers, and it is cutting through the water, leaving a frothy white trail behind. The ocean around it is a deep blue and the sky above shows a soft gradient from gray to pale pink, possibly indicating early morning or late evening light.
A picture of 3 individuals in a white room with big windows behind them. There are two women wearing suits with shirts and smiling towards the camera. In the background, there is a man wearing a black crewneck with black jeans, looking into the camera with a smile.


Be a part of creating a sustainable tomorrow

Do you want to join us and contribute to a sustainable tomorrow? Welcome! Greencarrier is an innovative and visionary company that actively drives the green transition through our expertise and practical experience in sea freight, and logistics.