General Terms & Conditions

All shipments carried through Greencarrier Liner Agency – as agents for Evergreen Lines – are performed as per carrier’s Bill of Lading Rules and additionally in accordance with the General Conditions of the Nordic Association of Freight Forwarders (NSAB2015).

Verified Gross Mass under SOLAS rule

Effective from July 1, 2016, the Safety of Life at Sea Convention (SOLAS) requires that the person named as shipper on the ocean carrier bill of lading or equal document and/or who has concluded a contract of carriage with Carrier (hereinafter, the “Shipper”) provide the Carrier with the verified gross mass (VGM) of containers to be transported by vessel. Under SOLAS, the Shipper may obtain the VGM by either:

  • Method 1: The shipper weigh, or have arranged that a third party weigh the packed container using calibrated and certified equipment.
  • Method 2: The shipper or, by arrangement of the shipper, a third party may weigh all included components separately, including pallets, packing materials and securing equipment, using calibrated and certified equipment. The container tare weight is added to the sum of the individual masses of the
    container’s contents.

SOLAS requires the VGM be submitted to the Carrier sufficiently in advance to be used in preparation of the vessel stowage plan. SOLAS prohibits Carrier from loading containers without provided VGM.

You can submit your VGM data directly through Evergreen’s web portal or via excel file which can be downloaded from shipmentlink and sent to

If you want more information or if you have any questions please contact your local export department.

Shipping Instructions

From this site you will find our latest shipping instructions / details which are useful to serve our valued customers.

Instruction for export shipment of Metal Scrap

To avoid any kind of risk and damage to the container, please kindly pay attention the importance of correct loading and stuffing of metal scrap. We kindly ask you to follow up below procedure:

  • Upon booking shipper must sign a “Letter of Indemnity” stating they will be responsible for all risks and extra costs that may accrue due to wrong/improper loading and stuffing.
  • Shipper needs at their site, after having finished the loading, to install/fix a lashed and secured barrier between the doors and the cargo. By doing that cargo will not cause any pressure on the container’s doors during transport and handling.

In case of refusal to follow up with above instructions booking will be turned down.

Container Payload

In order to avoid any unexpected accident and cost happening during all the transportation, when the shippers stuff their cargo into our containers, the cargo weights must not exceed the weight limitations as specified on the container right door panels. This is very important as all our containers are built according to ISO and can only be properly used to avoid carrying the weights far exceeding the designed payload limitations so as to avoid unnecessary damage to containers, handling devices, transportation vehicles, injury to humans, etc., and all in all to protect shippers’ interests.

Not only the payload should not exceed the set limitation, but also the cargo must be well secured with weight evenly spread all over the container floor. This is more evident for the cargoes like coils and boulders with superimposed pressure which might have their heavy weights down to small plots of container floors and cause container floor and cross members to bend downwards.
A good way to spread the weight is to use a double-layer timber dunnage or by means of a sled with its skids tightly fastened to the load. Of course, it is at shippers’ discretion on how to load the cargo, but please do keep in mind all the risks that might arise later on if the correct procedures have not been followed up.

Evergreen Lines Bill of Lading Clauses

Since every single shipment with us is subject to the Terms & Conditions of the Evergreen Line Bill of Lading, here we offer you the function of browsing or even downloading any particular item you are interested in.

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Nordic Association of Freight Forwarders

The General Conditions of the Nordic Association of Freight Forwarders set forth the freight forwarder’s and the customer’s rights and obligations, including the CMR, the Hague-Visby Rules and the Warsaw Convention.

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