We carry a green ambition

Reduce your environmental footprint by choosing electronic invoices instead of paper-based.

We provide an e-invoicing service that enables you to receive electronic invoices instead of paper-based invoices. The invoice information is transmitted from the invoicing system using intermediators to your administration IT system. Our e-invoicing service through Pagero is suitable to all customers, no matter of system, as long as it has e-invoice compatibility. You may also use other operators without problems. Sending invoices via our e-invoice service is as safe as sending information via your online bank. All information is encrypted and only accessible by the recipient.

Advantages of using e-invoicing

Choosing electronic invoices instead of paper-based invoices brings a lot of advantages including:

  • Increased visibility and greater control of cash flow
  • Increased processing speed and overall efficiency
  • Improved safety with secure handling of documents
  • Improved ability to forecast
  • Reduced late payment fees
  • Reduced administrative work, costs and errors
  • Reduced energy consumption and less printing
  • Reduced environmental carbon footprint

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