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Get full access to all Evergreen Line’s e-commerce shipping tools.

Having direct access to all the necessary information about your shipment, simplifies your administrative procedures and saves you valuable time. As a registered customer with ShipmentLink, you get full access to all Evergreen Line’s e-commerce shipping tools, including tools for shipment overview, online booking, shipping instructions, cargo tracking, and event notifications as well as tracking reports.

Get a good overview of your shipment and documentation status

The Shipment Overview tool gives you a good overview of your shipment and documentation status. It includes details about your booking number, Bill of Lading number, place of receipt and place of delivery. You can see your processing status, if the Bill of Lading is waiting to be created or if it has been released from the carrier. You can also see the status of your cargo, if the empty container is waiting to be picked up, if it is loaded onto the vessel or discharged and waiting for transshipping.

Book your shipments online fast and easy

The Online Booking tool makes it easy for you to send bookings to your carrier. You can choose the desired routing for your shipment and store booking templates to reduce transaction time. You can specify carriage requirements such as place for receipt, place for delivery, service type, port of loading, port of discharge, and service mode. You can also specify cargo and routeing information.

Manage the Bill of Lading process for all your shipments

The Shipping Instruction tool allows you to manage the Bill of Lading process for all your shipments. You can submit instructions directly to the carrier system and store Bill of Lading templates to reduce transaction time. You can submit basic information as well as cargo details and shipping/consignee/notify details.

Track the movements of your shipment

The Cargo Tracking tool provides advanced options for you to track your shipment. You can search for your shipment by choosing a specified time range, on board date, actual arrival date or estimated arrival date. You can also search for your cargo by Bill of Lading number or container number.

Receive event notifications for all container status changes

With the Event Notifications tool, you can choose which events of your shipment you would like to receive, and have them sent to you inbox. The event notifications may include the dates for when your container has been picked up, receipted at the port of loading, discharged or loaded at the transship port, discharged at the port of discharge, moved inland, delivered to the consignee or returned and emptied. You can choose to monitor a specific shipment or receive event notifications over the long term. Once you have completed the event selection, you will start receiving notifications.

Customise you own specified shipment reports

With Tracking Reports, you can track your shipments and customise your own shipment reports, deciding which specified shipment details you would like to receive. You can choose if you want to receive your customised reports by email on a weekly or monthly basis.

Access shipping information at all times via ShipmentLink App

ShipmentLink is also available as apps for smartphones and tablets using both IOS and Android operating systems. It means you can access all Evergreen Line’s e-commerce shipping tools wherever and whenever you want.

Download the ShipmentLink App from iTunes.

Download the ShipmentLink App from Google Play.

How do I register with ShipmentLink?

To register with ShipmentLink and get access to all of Evergreen Line’s e-commerce shipment tools, visit the website and fill in the application forms. Once you customer ID is activated, you will receive a notification from ShipmentLink and you can start using the services.

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