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The environment is the mothership of all our activities.

The environment is an integral and essential part of our sustainability work. In a way, it is the mothership of all Greencarrier Group activities. As a mothership carries and leads other smaller vehicles, the environment carries and leads our business in the right direction and towards the right decisions. Our ambition is to be the frontrunner in the transport industry; a competent partner who provides eco-friendly alternatives to traditional transport solutions. Our environmental responsibility includes caring for the environment across all levels of our organisation.

Environmental actions taken

We believe in the importance of environmental protection and improvement for the long term. Over the years, we have taken various actions to minimise the environmental impact of our operations. Here are some examples of what we do:

We offer eco-efficient e-invoicing to our customers

Another part of minimising our environmental impact includes the handling process of invoices. We have decided to switch from paper to e-invoicing. It means that your invoices are sent and received electronically and used in an automated invoice process. The invoice information is transmitted from the invoicing system using inter-mediators to your administration IT system. In addition to the environmental aspects of saving the trees on our planet and reducing our energy consumption, there are many other reasons to use e-invoicing.
Read more about our e-invoicing service, its benefits and how to apply for the service.

We reduce the environmental footprint in our office

In the Greencarrier Group, we have established what we call The Green Office. It means that in everything we do, we “think green” to reduce the environmental footprint in our office. We follow certain guidelines to lower the energy consumption and minimise the use of paper. We prioritise e-invoicing, phone and video conferencing and we recycle as much as we possibly can. We choose suppliers with sustainable products and donate what we don’t need to charity organisations. We also encourage our colleagues to switch their cars for bikes to and from work and every year, we participate in WWF Earth Hour.

We act as an environment competence partner for our customers

Working in the Greencarrier Group means complying with laws, ordinances, regulations and other requirements – as a minimum. We actually want to go further than what the legislation requires from us. And it also includes our customers and suppliers. We want to inspire them to take an even larger responsibility for the environment, and moreover, we act as their environment competence partner. Together with our customers and suppliers, we work to find new activities that support environmentally smart transport solutions.

We have implemented a supplier cooperation

Our transportation suppliers are acquired through a procurement process consisting of an initial screening of the potential supplier. In this process, the supplier answers a questionnaire sent out by us containing questions about how the supplier works and complies with different quality and environmental issues. Depending on the answers provided, the supplier will receive a label for its quality and environmental work.

We provide an environmental training programme for all our staff

We want to stimulate each employee in the Greencarrier Group to increase our knowledge about environmental issues and raise awareness of the environmental aspects of our duties. Therefore, we provide an environmental training programme for all our staff. In order to spread knowledge about our environmental work, we continuously communicate our activities both internally and externally, through our Knowledge Blog for example. One of our ambitions is also to increase our efforts to improve our environmental impact by finding more projects to support in this field. Our Greencarrier Spirit Fund is one way of doing that.

We supply our customers with emission figures

We can supply our customers with emission figures (g/TEU/km) for carbon dioxide emissions, sulphur dioxides emissions, and nitrogen oxides emissions per trade, container type or from port to port, following the standards of the Clean Cargo Working Group.

A sustainable global container transportation system

Evergreen Line endeavours to enforce all possible eco-friendly methods in providing sustainable marine transportation service, and adapting such measures in all aspects of its daily operations.Read more about Evergreen Line’s environmental work and activities.

Green Container Shipping

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