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We carry a green ambition

Simplify your cargo flow with inland haulage. Let someone else coordinate the transportation of your cargo from the seaport.

Adding inland haulage to existing transport solutions helps simplify the cargo flow for many shippers. Inland haulage often involves multiple handling processes, several point of contacts, customs formalities and warehousing. Everything needs to be carefully coordinated and carried out as smoothly and efficiently as possible for your business.

We take care of your cargo from arrival to final destination

When your cargo arrives at the seaport we take care of everything. We transport your goods to the container terminal, unload, repack, store and reload it onto suitable vehicles as well as make sure your goods reach the final destination. We can also handle your customs formalities, goods insurance, border crossing and verification of quality and quantity.

Covering every order from Europe to Russia and Central Asia

We are present in many gateways for global transit business and have a sophisticated infrastructure in the seaports. In the Baltic ports, we are available 24/7. With our wide network of quality transport providers, we always have a vehicle available and can cover every order both by train and truck. We offer inland haulage from Europe to very far destinations in Russia and Central Asia.

Inland haulage by road – keep track of your cargo at all times

By road, we can ship your goods from Finland or the Baltics to Russia and Central Asia. Our trucks are equipped with satellite navigation and tracking systems, allowing us to check the positions of the trucks online. This means you know exactly where your cargo is at all times.

Inland haulage by rail – heavy containers and oversized cargo

By rail, we offer container shipments from all the Baltic ports to Russia, Europe and Central Asia. We can transport any goods that arrive in containers including heavy containers and oversized cargo. The trains we use have unique 24-meter flat wagons with wooden floor and 30 fixing points on the sides. It makes it possible for us to transport cargo that weighs up to 27 tonnes.

Competitive custom formalities and arrangements for SOC and private containers

We offer a very competitive 24 hours for customs formalities and 48 hours in the port of discharge. We can also make arrangements for transporting shippers’ own containers (SOC) as well as private containers.

Warehousing solutions for every need including assembling, packaging and labelling

Whether you need an open, closed or heated warehouse, we have a solution for you. We can also assemble your goods and have them professionally labeled and packaged before distributing them to your chosen destination. Usually, there are time limits for storing containerised goods in ports. But when you transport your goods on a regular basis to Russia, we can offer you a bonded warehouse solution. This means you can store your goods without customs formalities for 30 days for free.


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