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We carry a green ambition

We offer frequent departures to some of the biggest as well as minor ports around the world

Evergreen Line provides frequent departures to and from ports across the globe. The ships reach into some of the biggest container ports in the world, and comprehensive feeder networks extend the reach into hundreds of minor ports around the world. The ships sail to multiple locations in Asia, the Indian subcontinent, the Middle East, the Mediterranean, Intra-Europe and North America as well as East, West and North Africa.

Sailing schedules with high frequency, short transit times and multiple locations

We know that our customers demand reliable sailing schedules, port rotations and feeder linkage. Evergreen Line provides sailing schedules that are set up to meet the increasing demand in global supply chains in terms of high frequency, short transit times and multiple locations. With numerous departures to and from ports across the globe, we can provide you reliable and sustainable transport solutions on an international level.

All Evergreen Line sailing schedules

Here you find sailing schedules with information about what dates and times the ships departing and arriving, and to and from which countries and ports. You can also download and save the sailing schedules if you prefer.

When can I ship my cargo?

You can also choose to search for sailing schedules that best fit your needs. Enter the location of origin and destination or select country and location from the lists. Select departure and arrival as well as duration and cargo type from the lists – and you will find the available sailing schedules.