Opportunities for working abroad with job exchange

Meet two of our employees telling us about their experience of switching job positions during a period. 

Oliver Seiberlich, working as Sales and customer service coordinator in Greencarrier Liner Agency Sweden and Frederik Nørgaard, working as Sales and Customer Service in Greencarrier Liner Agency Denmark decided to switch positions and move to Denmark versus Sweden for three months. 

In this video they tell us about their experience from the job exchange.

It was a personal experience to live and work in another country, but also a professional experience where a lot of knowledge and routines were shared between the Danish and Swedish organisations to improve processes and working methods. 

We pride ourselves on having passionate and committed staff, as well as we encourage our employees to share knowledge and exchange experiences. We hope this job exchange can inspire more colleagues to take the chance to work in another office within our group.

Head of Communications

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