New visual identity will strenghten the Greencarrier brand

As a part of Greencarrier’s ongoing journey of brand enhancement and business growth, we now introduce a revitalised visual identity and logotype for the group. This strategic move aligns with our business direction and signifies an important step in our development.

Staying true to our roots, the new visual identity and updated logo both represent who we are today and point the way forward.

The updated logo is a monochrome creation with different shades of blue. The logo connects with the very essence of our operations – the ocean – and serves as a symbol of our core competency in overseas transportation. The blue color also embodies the concepts of freedom, motion and innovation. These elements reflect the ongoing growth and expansion of our company and the direction we are headed in as a group.


The updated visual identity also mirrors the culture and spirit that thrives within our organisation. A culture characterized by competence, experience, reliability and commitment as well as a positive, modern and future oriented approach. The visual identity will serve as an inspiration and driving force for our ongoing journey towards our vision of creating a sustainable tomorrow.

In the following months, we will update our visual identity and online presence.

For any questions, please contact:
Cecilia Jonebäck
Communication Manager Greencarrier Group
+46 708 69 35 52

Head of Communications

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