Evergreen Line – Setting course for a net zero

The efforts made by Evergreen Marine towards lowering their fuel consumption and GHG emissions have been continuous. A 50% reduction of emissions by 2030 is planned, compared to 2008 as the baseline. In 2050 Evergreen aims to be fully carbon-neutral. These objectives are at the heart of Evergreen’s global climate action.

Evergreen’s Chairman Chang Yen-I says:

“In response to the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO’s) target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2050 and the UN Global Compact’s initiative for the mitigation of climate change and the cause of global sustainable oceans in the ocean supervision, we will continue to pay attention to the experiments and development of various biofuels on the market, and study the possibility of replacing high-carbon fossil fuels with renewable green energy in the future to further reduce carbon emissions and alleviate the impact thereof on the environment.”

Values and ambitions that go hand in hand

Evergreen Group’s environmental policy has always preceded government regulations, and they work actively to be a responsible corporate citizen on a global stage. Their ambitions to be a truly green shipping line goes hand in hand with the strategy of Greencarrier Liner Agency’s and the Greencarrier Group’s.

Evergreen’s actions towards more sustainable shipping

In summary these are some of the actions that have already been adopted by Evergreen Line to reduce CO2 emissions:

  • Slow down the speed of its ships
  • Continuously monitor fuel consumption and engine operations to ensure the main engine is working efficiently
  • Use the weather navigation system to provide the fleet with real-time information on routing that optimizes fuel efficiency
  • Improve cargo handling efficiency to shorten port stays
  • Planning of ship cargo loads to maximize economic returns
  • Application of special anti-fouling paint to ship hulls
  • Replacement of old vessels

Read more about Evergreens work to reduce emissions here and here.

You can also read more about Greencarrier Liner Agency’s ambitions within sustainability here.

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