The infrastructure challenges and the potential of shipping in the region of Stockholm

The population of Stockholm is growing and the city is facing a major challenge in the supply of goods, and the need of efficient and sustainable cargo transports is increasing. There are higher demands of a modern and efficient infrastructure. In 2020 the new Stockholm port Norvik will open up for new transport solutions and logistic flows with shipping in focus. But how will the potential of shipping and the Norvik port be utilized in the best way, in order to solve the challenges of the Stockholm region?

Fredrik Hermansson, Managing Director, Greencarrier Liner Agency Sweden attended the seminar and was a member of the panel discussion. We asked him some questions related to the seminar!

What is the major challenges the Stockholm region will face within the coming years? And what will be the major challenges from a shipping point of view?

– Over all I am truly positive to the port of Norvik. It is a great investment for the future in a long-term perspective. But the major challenges will be the incentive for the carriers to call Norvik. Approximately eight major international carriers divided on three alliances today control oversea business. Even if import increases dramatically all carriers are affected by the imbalance between supply and demand and unfortunately Stockholm (Norvik) have their export disadvantage with almost none export, why most likely the majority of containers have to leave Stockholm empty. It might be a risk that Stockholm Norvik will become a niche port for a few carriers that could lead to less competition due to the imbalance between the supply and demand.

What potential do you see with the new port of Stockholm, Norvik, which will open up in a short future?

– From an import perspective, it will be much easier to cover Mälardalen, but what I would like to see, is more initiative how to use Norvik as a transshipment port for other ports within the Baltic Sea. It would be great if we could utilize the port in a more efficient way e.g. as a cost liner or barge support to/from other ports. Then of course, it will be an efficient and environmental friendly new port.

Will shipping be the answer to the challenges of a growing Stockholm region?

– Shipping in general I believe is the answers for a sustainable growth. We need to use the waterways and we have the advantage of doing so. It is Important that we cooperate on national or even international level to make it as efficient as possible. Norvik is of great importance, not only for people and for companies within Stockholm, but also for the shipping community and many other stakeholders. I am looking forward to the development of Norvik and as a representative for Greencarrier Liner Agency and Evergreen Line, we will do our outmost to support and evaluate Norvik the best we can.


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Featured image: Region Gotland/Peter Häggbom Norrby

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