Plan International receives our Christmas Donation 2021

Christmas is around the corner and the holidays are all about caring for each other. This year our donation goes to Plan International and their work to give girls education.

As a result of the pandemic, 100 million children are at risk of losing their education. As many as 130 million girls worldwide do not go to school. When the pandemic is over, an additional 20 million girls are estimated to be without education.

– “The most important Christmas gift you can give is to educate all girls around the world. When girls are allowed to go to school, poverty decreases and gender equality increases. Thanks to Greencarrier’s contribution, we will remove the obstacles that stand in the way of girls’ education. We continue to contribute to safe and secure schools, train teachers and work to change the view of girls so that education is accessible to everyone!”, says Mariann Eriksson, Secretary-General, Plan International Sweden.

We are really happy to be able to invest in girls’ future and education and the important mission of Plan International with our donation.

Caring for people, planet and business

The yearly Christmas donation is part of our work with the Greencarrier Spirit, and part of our way of giving back to the society and planet via the Greencarrier Spirit fund. In the fund we set aside 1% of our profit each year for projects within sustainability. Both global projects and local projects that our employees can initiate.

If you want to learn more about our view on sustainability, and more about what we do, please read our Sustainability Report or check out our web site and blog.

Head of Communications

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