Greencarrier ranked on the Gazelle list of fastest growing companies

For the second time Greencarrier Lithuania was included on the list of fastest growing companies in Lithuania which is made and published by the Lithuanian business newspaper Verslo Zinios.

A Gazelle is a rapidly growing company that has increased its turnover and profit margin by at least 20 per cent in the past three years. In the Gazelle 2015 Greencarrier Liner Agency LT was ranked at 279th with a turnover increase of 231% over the period 2011-2014 and Greencarrier Freight Services LT was ranked at 936th with a turnover increase of 105% over the same period.

Each nominated company was evaluated through certain criteria, in the form of taxes, stable growth of annual income and profit, as well as their contribution towards the development of each Lithuanian region or economic sector. When selecting the nominees also business transparency and openness to public are important factors in the evaluation.

The number of Gazelles is growing in Lithuania. 2014 the Gazelle TOP listed 2998 companies and in 2015 4042 companies were listed.

Congratulations to Greencarrier Lithuania for a great achievement!

The Gazelle movement originated in the USA where David Birch coined the term and where the first fast growth companies were selected in the 1990s. The Gazelle movement values fast growth companies since they are the ones who create most new jobs in a society. As small or mid-sized companies, they also determine the diversity of the economy. From the USA the Gazelle movement has spread to Lithuania, Estonia, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Latvia, Poland and Russia.


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