Greencarrier and My Dream Now

Greencarrier has recently started a collaboration with the organization My Dream Now in Sweden (Gothenburg). Their program helps young people to understand their opportunities and increase their motivation to finding and working towards their goals – by engaging class coaches from business and academy.

The partnership

The collaboration means that a number of Greencarrier employees have been trained to become volunteers as class coaches in dedicated classes, together with coaches from other companies. They meet the same class four times in a year and have the opportunity to follow the class for a couple of years ahead.

My Dream Now prioritises areas where unemployment is high and young people are not very familiar with the different opportunities in work life or ways to get a job, but they are a great potential to count on when they receive the right support.

“We are very happy about our cooperation with Greencarrier! It gives young people inspiration and a chance to see opportunities in the working life of an international transport and logistics company. The fact that Greencarrier sees the value of engaging its employees and influencing the workforce of the future is really valuable to society as a whole.” Says Jonas Bygdeson, CEO and Founder of My Dream Now.


“This collaboration gives us as a company an opportunity to do something hands on, and reach out to people beyond the reality that we operate in each day. I hope that we can contribute to the development of these young students, and help them on their journey to reaching their dreams.” Says Marie Bäckström, Human Resources Manager at Greencarrier Freight Services and one of Greencarrier’s mentors in the program.

“In addition to this I see that it will increase the interest for the logistics sector and the many jobs available in it, and this will of course benefit us as we have a great need for skilled talents in the future. So this means that we are part of a possible solution to the growing problem of alienation on one hand – and lack of qualified work force on the other hand. We really need these young people to come to work for us in the future. And we can hopefully convince them that anything is possible, when you set your mind to it. I also want to add that as a class coach, I learn a lot every time I meet the students and I have a lot of fun while I am doing it!”

Marie Bäckström, Human Resources Manager.

Our view on sustainability – The Greencarrier Spirit

For Greencarrier, being sustainable means that we want to take a larger responsibility than the law requires of us. We want to run our company in an ethical and sustainable way when it comes to both social and environmental factors. We want to contribute positively to the planet, society and the people around us.

By partnering up with My Dream Now Greencarrier can contribute to our local society and involve our employees in giving back, just in line with our ambitions for the Greencarrier Spirit.

Greencarrier Spirit Fund

Every year we set aside 1% of our profit to the Greencarrier Spirit Fund, which goes to local and global initiatives towards improvements for the environment and the society. The collaboration with My Dream Now is an initiative that fits perfectly into the Greencarrier Spirit idea, by involving employees, giving back to the society and working towards equal opportunities for all.

Read more about our ambitions within sustainability here.

Watch this video from My Dream Now (in Swedish):

About My Dream Now

My Dream Now engages volunteers from business and academy, to inspire students to see the opportunities in the work life and offers a social sustainability program where employers who want to take active social responsibility become partners and offer their employees to engage in the programme. Their vision is that all students should feel their value in society and find their own ways to work and dreams.

Head of Communications

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