Evergreen ranked among the most sustainable in the world by Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal’s list of the 100 most Sustainably Managed Companies in the World is a ranking produced by the Journal’s environment, social and governance research analysts, who assessed more than 5,500 publicly traded businesses. The ranking is based on sustainability metrics in areas as business model and innovation, external social and product issues, employee and workplace issues, and the environment.

Evergreen is placed on #39 in the overall rating and in 3rd place in the category “Environment”, and is the only Shipping Line on the list.

“Over the years, Evergreen has done a great job within sustainability and has always been a front runner in sustainable shipping. The WSJ ranking is a validation and Evergreen deserve the high ranking. Their ambitions to be a truly green shipping line goes hand in hand with the strategy of Greencarrier Liner Agency’s. I know that Evergreen is preparing for the future and I am looking forward to continue to serve the market with their services”, says Tuomas Timgren, CEO Greencarrier Liner Agency.

“Sustainable development within shipping and logistics is more important today than ever and new technology combined with changed behavior will make transition possible! At Greencarrier we work for the overall vision “creating a more sustainable tomorrow” and we can only get there by collaborating with our customers and partners. Therefore we are really happy to see that our long term partner Evergreen is among the most sustainable companies in the world according to WSJs ranking”. says Asa Leander, Head of Sustainability at Greencarrier.  

The ranking’s methodology takes a broad view of sustainability, and aims to score the ability to create long term value for shareholders. Making sustainability issues a core part of business practices is a defining characteristic of the companies in the WSJ ranking and the scores reflect the companies transparency and amount of publicly available information about policies, initiatives and performance.

Source: https://www.wsj.com/articles/the-100-most-sustainably-managed-companies-in-the-world-11602507298


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