Evergreen Acknowledged for Outstanding Performance – Corporate Governance

Evergreen Marine Corporation (EMC) was placed amongst the top 5% of all listed companies for the third year in a row. EMC is the only shipping company recognized for such outstanding performance. To honor the excellent contributions in this realm, the Taiwan Stock Exchange presented the award to the Executive Vice President of EMC – Eric Hsieh – at a ceremony in Taipei on May 23 2017.

In line with the global trends, this evaluation also highlights the significance of corporate governance. It also requires both listed and Over-The-Counter companies to disclose both financial data and non-fiscal information. In the evaluation, the KPIs measure:

  • Protection of shareholders’ rights
  • Equitable treatment of shareholders
  • Board composition and management
  • Information transparency and corporate social responsibility

During this year, a total of 843 listed companies and 653 Over-The-Counter companies have been evaluated. Among all of the listed companies, only 21 joined EMC in reaching a rank in the top 5% for the third consecutive year.

For more information, read the full press release here.

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